Waimate 50 Madness

After a slight talk with a couple of buddies of mine, I managed to convince them to tag along down to a little place called Waimate. For their annual Waimate 50 gt series , The Sleepy small town slightly inland, roughly between Timaru and Oamaru in the south, comes alive for 3 days With a lot of motorsport action, including 3 different types of sprints combining both gravel and tarmac . We were only down for the Sunday and after the early start got chatting to some friendly locals giving us the directions to the Makikihi fries rally sprint . A mixture of old and new gravel ready automobiles thundering up a back country road.


Cars being sent, in what seemed to be around the one minute intervals.


Made for no dull moment of what seemed like never ending action ,   I was beginning to wish we had organized more than just a day trip.


After watching everyone go through a couple of passes we then headed back into the town center for the Mckeown Street sprints.

Again with a military precision type organization, cars were being sent out at regular intervals. Making for continuous excitement for car enthusiast with very little down time .

Some odd looking machines grace the streets with there presence.



Some looking aggressive ready for business


Others a little less aggressive


But all giving the crowd great entertainment







I strongly suggest checking this event out there is something for everyone 20131027-IMG_7177


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