2014 World Time Attack

Sydney Motorsport Park, 40 minutes out of Sydney Australia, host to the annual World Time Attack Challenge put on a great show this year. 3 days of non stop action was well executed.  Time Attack, Drag, Drift,Show and shine, and the lunchtime madness plus lots lots more. Something to cater all fuel filled needs.

The Mazda 767B Le Mans Driven in anger as it should be as part the Midday Mayhem displays. Announcers and spectators watching in near silence as the 4rotor braps its way around the spectacular raceway treating our ears to its fine note. It certainly was an honor to see this thing in the flesh.

IMG_0271-35  IMG_0029-6

Fellow kiwi Alex Kelsey and his self built fire breathing monster also wowing the crowd in the mid day mayhem schedule with his Gymkhana segment, a true display of a well built machine we will be hoping to catch up with Alex at some stage to have a closer look at this weapon .


Onto the big boys of the world time attack the pro class. With les than a second between the top 3 the atmosphere in each teams pit garage must of been intense. SCA’s Hammerhead  driven buy kiwi pro driver Shane Van Gisbergen.  Coming in 3rd with a time almost 2 seconds faster from the previous year  of a respectable 1:25.7, Having trouble locking the camera onto Shane, he was shifting that fast. The speed of these things is something that needs to be witnessed in person.



Scorch racings silvia driven buy Suzuki-san from Japan is definitely packing the goods with notches on the teams belt like lap record at tsukuba circuit.  Suzuki works on the car himself whenever he can totally designing the impressive aero package.


The Champs, Tilton racings evo was fascinating to watch, catching fire at one point and overheating issues didnt hold them back for the win. Congrats to there team I bet they are already planning next years wtac.




Honorable Mention to the winner of the pro am class PMQ racing, won buy a 5 second lead pulling off a truly impressive time of 1:25.276 …. Amazing


Tagged onto the end of wtac was the Asia Championship Formula Drift series.

mad mike

Fredric Aasbo in his absolutely mind blowing GT86 power buy a 5.8 NASCAR Truck Series easly turning tyres to clouds, but unfortunately having to forfeit due to mechanical issues in his semi final battle against Australian Levi Clarke,


Levi going on to win the all australian final battle



Book this one in your must do list for next year as no doubt it will be even more impressive. Can’t wait. 




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