2014 Skope Classic


The 2014 Skope classic at Mike Pero Motorsport park Christchurch definitely turned it on this year, I popped out for a full day on the Sunday and the weather conditions could not have been better, as always an impressive line up of well kept cars.

If there is any noise restrictions they seem to have turned a blind eye (or deaf ear?) this day. The ear drum punishing roar from the big block formula 5000 was simply music to the ears, and ground shaking as they trundle out to the starting grid. The thought of all motor goes through my mind, these machines definitely have to be seen to be believed.

Impressive, but what would of been my favourite class of the day would have to be the muscle car races.

These boys where out there to put on a show and thats exactly what they did.

Main Sponsor Skope had a very impressive lineup of porches outside their tent,

Managing Director, Guy Stewart Awesome Gt2 Looks Staunch from any angle. It also has the guts to make it a definite weapon around the track.

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